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Commercial laundry equipment for student accommodation

If you manage or run student accommodation or a boarding school in Australia or the South Pacific region, our team can help you choose the best commercial laundry equipment that will stand up to the rigours of your facilities.

We are the  authorised distributor of commercial laundry equipment for U.S brand Dexter, a brand developed to withstand rigorous testing including, a 1000 hour out of balance test.

With the growing demand for professional laundry facilities, it’s important to choose wisely for the best and most functional machines to fit your needs. Our Team are experts with more than 100 years’ industry experience and are proud to be authorised distributers of the quality US brand Dexter, for Washers, Dryers,  Combo Washer Dryer units, and accessories.

See our Sales page to find out how we can assist you with purchasing your equipment. We can also help you design a custom commercial laundry fit out.