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Commercial laundry equipment rental

Capital acquisitions generally pose a challenge to any business, so to assist our customers in procuring a quality product like Dexter, RPLE has developed a rent/purchase scheme to relieve some of the financial commitment at the front end of your business venture or if you wish to buy additional equipment at any stage.

Generally, RPLE offers a 5-year (60-month) rental period with the opportunity to purchase the machines at the end of this period or replace the equipment with an agreed buy back of the old equipment. See our page about Rent 2 Buy for our terms.

The rental works for coin stores on the basis that your monthly commitment is generally covered by one cycle per day. OPL sites can still reflect a financial consequence if they know their cycle cost equation.

The arrangement works based on an initial deposit of around 20% of the total cost, then 60 equal monthly rental payments. The initial payment is required to cover our transport, installation and set up costs.

This cost includes all service and warranty for the duration of the rental. Standard daily maintenance remains the responsibility of the operator, but RPLE will cover any faults associated with manufacturing and installation.

Rentals are available for individual machines or complete laundries. Our team welcome all enquiries for laundry equipment rental for Australia and the South Pacific.