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Commercial laundry equipment for the mining industry

Many workers in the mining industry get their clothing very dirty just from day to day work. When it comes to laundry, the mining industry has unique requirements. Whether it’s linen, bedding, protective clothing, or heavy clothing, we have machines to make sure you get the wash you need every time.

Dexter OPL washers and dryers are a popular choice on mining sites.  They offer Heavy Duty Design and Durability in various capacities that suit use in isolated locations.  You can be confident that our Dexter machines can handle anything your staff throw at them (or in them!).  The range of capacities means that we can provide a machine to handle any load.

Call our head office to speak with a friendly team member about how we can help with commercial laundry equipment for the mining industry. We have commercial laundry solutions for the mining industry throughout Australia and the South Pacific.