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Commercial laundry equipment for the hospitality and accommodation industry

Give the right first impression every time.

The thing your guests will notice when they enter their room is comfort and cleanliness. We help you deliver that, whether it be bedding, towels or even table linen.  Our large capacity Washers and Dryers mean that you can process large volumes per day quickly and efficiently, so you can focus more time on your guests.

RPLE has provided laundry solutions for all styles of hospitality and accommodation facilities throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Operations such as caravan parks, motels, hotels, backpackers, student boarding houses and resorts have sought the reliability of Dexter equipment backed by RP Laundry Equipment to ensure a peace of mind and trouble-free operation.  Within accommodation facilities laundries can be required for an in-house or guest function, or a combination of both. To ensure the best outcome our staff can advise and assist with reviewing operations, design, equipment specifications and installation.On-Premise Laundry (OPL)

Business owners and operators in the hospitality and accommodation industry are generally faced with the decision on whether to outsource their laundry requirements or operate internally. GCLE works proactively with our clients to ensure they get the best outcome for their business. We take into consideration the size of the complex, access to utilities, seasonal factors, and the utilisation of staff. We are conscious of the need to minimise operation costs and can identify and explain the efficiencies that can be achieved with the right laundry equipment.

There is much more to the equation than finding a machine for the right price. Consideration must be given to staff utilisation, utility costs and business operations. Our team will ensure all factors are considered and discussed with our clients as part of the planning process to ensure the optimum outcome.

Guest Laundry

An essential part of most hospitality and accommodation complexes is the guest laundry. The importance of this is sometimes overlooked and often equipment struggles with efficiency, reliability, and backup. With some simple calculation based on location, type of guest and length of stay we can advise on what might be the optimum equipment for your laundry.