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Electronic Smart Soap Dispenser for Commercial Laundries

Along with commercial Dyers and Washers, we now stock a vending grade packet dispenser for both powder and liquid packet dispensing. Our new machine is ideal for Coin Laundries or Commercial Laundries. Why not make it easy for your clients to use your equipment by providing quality detergents on site. 

Accessories such as soap dispensers and soaps both powders and liquids, not only offer more convenience for your clients, they can help add profit to your bottom line. We can offer packets and sachets for over the counter sales or wall mounted lockable self-serve electronic smart dispensers.

If you operate a coin laundry or commercial laundry in Australia or anywhere in the South Pacific region, our team can help keep you well stocked with accessories.

Electronic Soap Dispenser

Model Number PKS-A85 Features 

The PKS-A85 is a 5 Row, 17 Coil Electronic Vending Machine, perfect for any laundry room.  

The vender has an 85 packet vend capacity and is fully electronic, incorporating a Nayax Onyx touch reader for all Credit and Debit Card, Phone and Smart payments. 

This means any pricing can be set, including different pricing per row and in 1 cent increments.

Managed via the Nayax Moma2.0 app allows realtime management, sales metrics and remote vending.

NOTE: Coin is not available 

The cabinet offers a hinged door with security locks and large plexi-glass product display.  

Due to no coins/money stored in the vender, break-ins and potential theft are minimised.

Product dimensions 
550mm wide x 850mm high x 250mm deep (Including Wall Mounting)

85 Packets over 5 Rows (17 per row) 

28kgs (Machine and contents)

Black with plexi-glass Clear View

12 Months Parts
Standard terms and Conditions Apply

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