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Commercial laundry equipment for correctional facilities

In prisons, laundry equipment must be rugged and durable.  Whether it is the staff or inmates that operate the laundry, our Dexter Washers and Dryers offer the perfect mix of features to assist with the fast and efficient processing of laundry.  Dexter machines are easy to operate and lock out controls mean that security of programmes is guaranteed.  Liquid chemical injection assists with not only stain removal but also other contaminants, and again further ensures that chemicals can be isolated and out of reach.

Laundry is a universal chore. It doesn’t matter where you live or under what conditions, clean linen and clothing are a basic need.

RPLE are specialists in supplying commercial laundry equipment to a range of Industries including correctional facilities Australia wide and throughout the South Pacific region. We can help you choose the best equipment to fit your budget and your requirements. All Our Products are manufactured to the highest level of innovation with the functionality and robustness you need. Call our office for any enquiries and we’ll be happy to assist you.