Change Machines | Commercial Washing Machine | Gc Laundry

Enhance your laundry with one of our change machines

Even in a connected and digital age, some people prefer using cash, especially for small tasks such doing laundry. Our affordable robust change machines make it easy to offer convenient facilities at your commercial laundry.

Our change machines are ideal for Coin Laundries. There’s nothing more annoying and frustrating for your customers than turning up to do their laundry with cash that’s in the wrong denomination for the machines to accept.

One of the key’s to operating a successful and profitable laundry business, is to make the chore of doing laundry, as hassle free as possible. Wall mounted change machines give your customers a quick and easy way to convert notes and/or coins to the exact coinage they need for your machines.

Our team are always happy to discuss ways we can help you make your commercial laundry more profitable and to better serve the needs of its users. Along with change machines, we also supply Soap Dispensers and Powder Australia wide and throughout the South Pacific.