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Available now for purchase, we have a 5 Row, 17 Coil Smart Dispensing Machine that holds 85 Packets of Soap Powder, or Liquid Fabric softener. Incorporated is a Nayax Onyx Vpos Tap and go Payment System for Card and Smart Payments.This allows laundry and service owner to have realtime monitoring for easy management.

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Mobile Device Credit Card Last 4 Digits

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Finding the Last 4 Digits of the Credit Card to issue Refunds

If your dealing with customers who have used their phone for payment in your laundry then there is something to be aware of.

Our Mobile devices do NOT have the same last digits of our physical credit card. So when you attempt to find the card to issue a refund, the person paying will most likely give you their physical card details. It is possible to find but only if the exact time and day of transaction is known. The 4 digits used by the mobile phone can be found in the payment sections of the mobile device.


In Android 13;

  1. Go to Wallet
  2. Touch the Card added to Wallet
  3. Click on Details

iPhone IOS

In Apple IOS;

  1. Go to Apple Wallet
  2. Touch the Card
  3. Touch the Three dots in the circle (Top Right)
  4. Touch Card Details